Society for PSI Research and Education
                        SPRE Presents:

Animal Communication, Healing and Clearing Spaces

with Annette Kahmann

Friday, March 17, 2017
7 - 9 pm

Community Room @ Council Tree Library

2733 Council Tree Ave Ste 200,

Fort Collins, CO 

From Harmony Rd., (about 1.9 miles west of I-25, turn north
 on Corbett Dr., right in the parking lot (look for library next to Panera Bread)

Annette Kahmann, an energy healer & communicator with over 20 years of experience, will share how she got into this field and her personal approach towards communicating with energy – be it animal communication, healing for people, or space clearing, local or distance.Since no two energy communications are alike, she will also share some anecdotes from her experiences, thus providing a taste of the amazing things that are possible in thisrealm.To her the energy is a tangible fabric that holds amazing information and connects all of us to each other, including the souls of those who have already left their physical bodies behind.
The presentation also includes demonstrations and an opportunity to have a short energy reading.
About Annette Kahmann MA MA CR HTPA:
  • One day as an energy healer was performing an energy healing on her to alleviate a splitting headache, she heard a voice tell her, “You can do this too.” Already having picked up a few things about energy healing from friends, she started to apply her skills for both people and animals. Later, after she had found out that she could pick up energetic information from all kinds of things, including letters and email messages, pictures and objects, she also moved into space clearing. She works both hands-on and remotely with her clients and the energies.
    She has come to the conclusion that much of our new knowledge has been known by indigenous peoples around the globe for a long time already; and that there is a place where quantum physics, energy communication and spiritual beliefs converge. 

    Doors open at 6:30 pm.  A $5 donation helps support future SPRE programs.



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