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with Barry Roth

Colorado MUFON Education and Public Relations Director

Friday, August 23, 2019

New Thought Northern Colorado Center for Spiritual Living
5628 McWhinney Blvd., Loveland (Outlet Mall- see directions below)

Multiple witness sightings are some of the best anecdotal evidence that can be offered up in the study of credible UFO reports. If you have at least two witnesses to an event, then they can verify each other’s story. If you have hundreds or perhaps thousands of witnesses reporting the same thing than the phenomena becomes much more believable. The likelihood of a hoax is greatly reduced based on the number of witnesses reporting the same sighting.

Mass Sightings of Unexplained Aerial Phenomena covers reports from an international perspective. Amazing and baffling phenomena has been reported from the United States, Canada, New Guinea, the Canary Islands and South Africa. We need to pay attention! When will the next mass witness event come again?

This presentation will include the following events:
Farmington Armada – New Mexico
Levelland Texas Sightings – 2 ½ hours and 15 witnesses
Papua New Guinea Sighting – Father Gill and 38 witnesses
The Hudson Valley Objects – New York/Connecticut – since 1983…
South African Ariel School Landing – 62 schoolchildren witnessed this craft landing
The Phoenix Lights – perhaps over 10,000 witnesses
Stephenville, TX Sighting – report of a mile-long craft
Giant Yukon Saucer Sighting – Canada

About Barry Roth:
  Barry Roth became a Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) member in 1999 after meeting with then current MUFON International Director, John Schuessler, in Morrison, CO (MUFON’s former headquarters).
   In 2001, Barry became a board member of the Colorado chapter of MUFON (COMUFON). He is currently the Public Relations Director, Education Director and Treasurer.
   In 2009, Barry was given the task of putting together an informational education program on the history of Ufology by former International Director, James Carrion. What was supposed to be a three-page brochure targeted towards Emergency Responders, turned into seven Power Point presentations with over 500 slides.
   Barry’s historical presentations cover major UFO events dating back from 1941. The majority of the events involve military, law enforcement, multiple witness sightings and physical trace evidence. 

Doors open at 6:30 p.m. Cost is $7 at the door which helps supports future SPRE programs for the community.

Located at the Outlet Mall, Loveland Just off I-25, Exit 257 West, Turn right onto Rocky Mountain Ave, at the second roundabout (traffic circle), turn right onto McWhinney Blvd. Just before the stop sign, turn right into parking lot. Go around the front of the building, and you will see New Thought Center several doors down on the right.

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