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Please note SPRE the day change to Thursday and the location change to the Homewood Suites by Hilton in Fort Collins.

SPRE Presents:
The Heart of Sacred Sound


with Myrrh de Marmion

Thursday, November 17, 2016
7 - 9pm

New Location:   
 Homewood Suites by Hilton
Meeting Room
1521 Oakridge Drive, Fort Collins, CO

In this presentation Myrrh will be sharing the healing power of Sacred Sound and the Generative Field of the Heart. The first half of this presentation will be lecture, the second half will be experiential.
The "generative" field of the Heart is a field of powerful Heart/Love energy, which can be created and projected into any space, and where any number of offerings can be expressed through it. This is because it exists within us already. Many do not realize that we have complete control over this and how this work can result in greater well-being, safety and happiness. Myrrh will also discuss the research done by the HeartMath Institute on the heart's intuitive intelligence, as well as her evolving and deepening experience with this Field.
In the second half of this presentation Myrrh will share the creation of a Generative Field of the Heart with attendees, and also share vocal Sacred Sound offering through her own Heart Field.
Myrrh de Marmion/Indigenous Cosmos Bio 2016
A classically trained vocalist and musician in her younger years, a radical shift in consciousness and "rewiring" in 2003 took Myrrh de Marmion's awareness of music into the healing realm of Sacred Sound as a source of deep inner alchemical transformation. Her exploration led to indigenous musical instruments, the voice as a powerful healing tool, esoteric teachings and fringe physics. Her intuitive offerings draw upon her classical music/voice background, Transcendental Meditation, and training in various Shamanic and Energy Healing practices. Myrrh's Sacred Sound offerings are deep, soulful, and exquisite, led by etheric vocals that evoke the realms of the Cosmos and Mother Earth.
Myrrh is the creator of Indigenous Cosmos, a collaborative Sacred Sound project dedicated to expanding the global awareness that everything is Vibration and everything begins and resides WITHIN us - indigenously. Indigenous Cosmos partners with other Sacred Sound/Vibrational Artists to deepen the global awareness through vibrational experiences of infinite transformational potential. Also a visionary artist, she is the owner of Creative Divine Studios, the platform which houses her Sacred Sound and Sacred Art endeavors. She is currently working on a multi-faceted body of work that comprises ancient sacred chants, glyphic art and performance that will be unveiled in 2017.
Doors open shortly after 6:30 p.m.

Program is free to the public; SPRE accepts donations to continue future programs

Meetings are open to the public.  There is no charge to attend the meeting, however, SPRE accepts donations to be able to support future programs.
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