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Thursday, June 27, 2019

Bigfoot Activity in Northern Colorado

Mammal?, Telepathic?, Inter-Dimensional, Spiritual? …or all of the above???

New Thought Northern Colorado Center for Spiritual Living

(Loveland Outlet Mall- see directions below)

Jim Meyers

Bigfoot Investigator/Researcher, Bigfoot Museum Curator, Sasquatch Outpost Owner –   Bailey, CO

In case you’re not aware, the Rocky Mountains have had a historic and active history of accounts about a creature most commonly known as Bigfoot. or Sasquatch in the Pacific Northwest.  Many cultures and indigenous peoples around the world accept and have great respect and reverence for the “being” known as “Bigfoot”. Reviewing the ongoing and recent sighting reports from so many credible individuals make it impossible to dismiss.
This is a controversial topic from a number of perspectives.  This presentation should deliver a more accurate picture from a more objective pragmatic approach than most information delivered through the economic mainstream media filters.  Indigenous cultures around the world accept and include this being in their oral history.  The fact that this presentation’s information is from experiences and reports in our own back yard makes it even more intriguing. Most of the public is not aware of the volume of reports in recent years have been growing at a rate too large to ignore.
It’s interesting so many people have such strong opinions about a subject they know little, if anything, about.  Evidence, investigation, research and eyewitness based perceptions provide a more intelligent viewpoint.  The more you research this subject matter, the more you are surprised to discover credible firsthand witness accounts talking about telepathic interactions and inter-dimensional teleportation.  These Colorado experiences are no exception.  Jim Meyers, a Colorado Bigfoot witness, will share his fascinating personal encounter with the being which made quite an impact on his life.
You’re sure to walk away from this presentation with a much more informed viewpoint.  Whether you’re looking to be more knowledgeable about this esoteric subject matter, become a more interesting person or have something fascinating to discuss or share with others, you will be glad you attended this presentation.

About our speaker:

Jim and Daphne Myers moved to Bailey, Colorado from their home in France intending to open a small store in the Colorado Rocky Mountains.  Having always had an interest in the Bigfoot phenomenon they were quite surprised to discover the volume of stories from so many local’s about their personal sighting experiences in the immediate area.  The number of credible people and their compelling stories was just too much to dismiss or ignore.  It just made sense to name their store the Sasquatch Outpost where they have since opened up a Bigfoot museum.
Today the Sasquatch Outpost located in the Town of Bailey (45-min. west of Denver) has become a true destination in Central Colorado, visited by thousands every year. Listed as one of the top 10 unique places to visit in all of Colorado, the Outpost is a memorable stop for anyone who has any interest in, or curiosity about, Bigfoot.
Reprinted with permission by Rick Nelson, Paranormal Research Forum, Denver

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Located at the Outlet Mall, Loveland Just off I-25, Exit 257 West, Turn right onto Rocky Mountain Ave, at the second roundabout (traffic circle), turn right onto McWhinney Blvd. Just before the stop sign, turn right into parking lot. Go around the front of the building, and you will see New Thought Center several doors down on the right.

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