Program Events  2007 - 2008

May 16, 2008

Mark Kimmel
 Mark Kimmel, author of Trillion, Decimal and Creating the Cosmic Paradigm

Talk: Down the Rabbit Hole - Extraterrestrial contact is intertwined with the current problems and future promise of our planet. How the transition to an awakened planet impacts us and what each of us can do about it.

April 18, 2008

John Major Jenkins

Talk: Mayan Calendar
 March 21, 2008

Jody Barone

Talk: Manifestation: How to make your Dreams Come True

Febrary 18, 2008

 Dr. Victoria Gardner
Dr. Victoria Gardner - Spiritual Psychologist, Trauma Councelor, Holistic Healer, and Teacher

Talk: Creative Problem Solving

January 25, 2008
Max the Crystal Skull
SPRE Special Events Presents JoAnn Parks, Skull Keeper, Speaking on “The Passing of the Skull,” with MAX, THE CRYSTAL SKULL
 Jan 18, 2008

 Marsha Hankins
Marsha Hankins - Teacher, Facilitator of the I AM SOURCE program


Talk: Manifesting your God-Self: Moving from Separation to Oneness

 December 7, 2007

James Carrion
MUFON International Director
 November 14, 2007

Dr. Claude
Swanson, PhD
New Thought Forum
"The Synchronized Universe"
 The Science of the Paranormal
 November 16, 2007

Dr. William M Timpson
Talk: Peace - 

Author or Co Author of 11 books on diversity, sustainability, peace and reconciliation will speak on Peace
 September 14, 2007 and
September 16, 2007

  Pre-Season Kick off
Living Luminaries:
The Serious Business of Happiness -
 Spiritual Cinema Networks Movie
Sept 14, 2007 Friday at the Lincoln Center at 7pm
417 West Magnolia St. Fort Collins CO
Sept 16, 2007 Sunday at the Senior Center at 2pm
200 Raintree Dr. Fort Collins CO
Sept 28, 2007 Friday at the Gellar Center
for Spiritual Development 629 South Howes St.
Fort Collins CO
September 21, 2007

 Jim Poppleton
Quantum Mechanics
and the Personal Nature of Reality
May 18, 2007

Linda Potter
Author of "If God would only Give Me a Sign" speaking about Quantum Physics and Spirituality
April 20, 2007

Gailmarie Kimmel
 Evolving a Local Living Economy
Earth Day.
March 16, 2007 and

 Workshop March 17, 2007

James T. Weldon PhD. ND
Author - The Secret Journey to the
Enlightened Mind
Febrary 16, 2007

Nancy Lee
Author of Awakening the Mystic
January 26-28, 2007

Max the Crystal Skull
Max the Crystal Skull
  Special Event
 January 19, 2007

Cheryl Beckett
Cheryl Beckett - Vedic Architecture: Sacred Geometry Producing Quality of Life & Buildings of Good Fortune 

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