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Note: Event in May will be at the Fort Collins Senior Center.


 Sept 18, 2009
Friday 7pm

Sept 19,


Professional Astrologist, presents "The Dawning Age of Aquarius".   What was happening in the 1960’s?  What’s happening

now?   Is it back again, but at higher, more intense levels?  What will happen from now through the pivotal point of 2012 all

the way to 2020? 



September 19, 2009:  "Thriving in Transformational times", an in depth workshop presented by Kelly Rosano

October 16, 2009
Friday 7pm

October 17, 2009

Dr. James Weldon (Yogadhi),
Ph.D, N.D.

AKA Rishi Yogadhi, Author of "Secret Journey to the Enlightened Mind:  Life With Three Spiritual Giants of Our Age".  He will share the story of his search for the Love and Grace of God, his experience as a westerner embracing the wisdom of the East, his

experiences of - and insights into - the deepest Vedic realizations and the Oneness of all life, and how he reached Enlightenment.



October 17, 2009:  ShaktiThon Workshop 10-4, 

on "Living The Enlightened Mind Now" by Dr. James Weldon, AKA Rishi Yogadhi.


November 20, 2009 Friday 7PM

Daniel Sewell Ward, Ph.D.

Nuclear Physicist and creator of “The Library of [H]alexandria”, www.Halexandria.org, a synthesis of New Physics, Sacred Geometry & Mathematics, Ancient & Modern History, Multiple Universes & Realities, Consciousness, Scientific Anomalies, Extraterrestrial Life, Astrophysics, Superstrings, etc.  Dr. Ward will present “From Whence We Came:  The Ancient History of the Human Race.”   Where did we come from?  How did we get from there to here?  Includes information about our extraterrestrial ancestors . . . and whether or not you're one of them!       


No SPRE Events Scheduled
January 15, 2010

G W Hardin
Speaking On:
“2010 — New Year, New World: Arrival of the Shift of the Ages”

January 22,

 Max the Crystal Skull

Jo Ann Parks

SPRE Special Events Presents JoAnn Parks,
 Skull Keeper, speaking on “The Passing of the Skull,” with Max,
the Crystal Skull ~ 3rd engagement

Fri., Jan. 22; Sat., Jan. 23; and
Sun., Jan. 24;
  For reservations, e-mail:SPRE2010@gmail.com
or call 970-631-8319.

    NEW LOCATION: Feb-April, 2010:
Aztlan Community Center, 112 Willow St.
Fort Collins, CO 80524


Febrary 19,


Dr. Amy Jackson, D.C. and
Dr. Peter Fisk, D.C.

 “The Twelve Stages of Healing:  A Network Approach”

Drs. Amy Jackson, D.C. and Peter Fisk, D.C. will be presenting on Somato Respiratory Integration, a process designed to reconnect the body and its experiences to the higher brain centers to help people develop lifetime skills, strength, and wisdom, and allow greater access to our intuition, compassion, and higher consciousness.

March 19,
7 pm

Barry Goldstein

Barry Goldstein, Grammy Award Winning Producer, Singer, Sound Healer;

Speaking about

“Sound and Healing with

Music from the Heart; the Universal Language of Love”

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April 16,
7 pm

Richard Skeie
Richard Skeie, Founder of the Integrative Healing Institute,

Speaking Friday about "Awakening the Heart: Beyond Suffering"
Explore your heart center with simple awareness practices.

WORKSHOP: Saturday, Apr 17, 10 am - 4 pm, location to be announced
(Anchor the experience.)

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May 21, 2010

Dr. Linda Backmann
Dr. Linda Backman, Psychologist and Soul Regression therapist,

Speaking Friday about "Be Still and Know your Soul Self"
at the Fort Collins Senior Center

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“Be Still and Know: Who you are as a Soul, Who are Your Guides and Why Are You here Now?”
Saturday, May 22, location to be announced

Advance Registration contact The Ravenheart Center at 303-818-0575 or email  earl@Ravenheartcenter.com

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