Society for PSI Research and Education

SPRE Presents:

The Dual Soul Connection:

Alien Contact, Technology,

and the Agenda for Human Advancement

Presented by Suzy Hansen

Thursday, June 15, 2017
7 - 9pm

New Location:

New Thought Northern Colorado Center for Spiritual Living

5628 McWhinney Blvd., Loveland 

(Outlet Mall- see directions below)


Spirituality and the ET/Human Soul Connection

Suzy Hansen will present her unique understanding of the 'dual soul' in
relation to her lifetime of alien contact, including her soul's path into this life,
and the Three Waves of volunteer souls incarnating on our planet at
this time. Many of us wonder what our purpose in life is, and what "tasks"
we might achieve, and the Three Waves characteristics have helped both
experiencers and non-experiencers alike to make sense of their soul-

She outlines how childhood-to-adulthood education onboard craft prepared
her for participation in the complex programs of this positive alien agenda
for human advancement, and for the task of re-awakening "sleeping" souls
in this time of global chaos. Suzy will discuss how the aliens, along with
human participation, are carrying this out on many levels, assisting the
evolution of mankind at soul, spirit and physical levels.

Suzy will also be discussing advanced alien technology she has used and
observed onboard craft, including testing procedures for enhancing human
skills within their programs, as well as technology that has the power to
radically change our medical, educational, environmental and societal

About Suzy Hansen:

Suzy Hansen is a UFO sighting investigator, world-wide lecturer, contact experiencer from New Zealand and is the author of "The Dual Soul
Connection - the Alien Agenda for Human Advancement" (2015), with
contributions by Dr. Rudy Schild, Emeritus Professor of Astrophysics, Harvard/Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics, Cambridge, USA.

She has been actively involved in UFO research and sighting investigations
in New Zealand for 42 years, and is the founding Director of the UFO Focus
New Zealand Research Network (UFOCUS NZ) established in 2000, a
nationwide organization.

Suzy's Websites:

Doors open at 6:30 p.m. Your $5 donation at the door supports
future SPRE programs for the community

New Thought Northern Colorado 
Center for Spiritual Living
5628 McWhinney Blvd., Loveland

Located at the Outlet Mall, Loveland, Just off I-25, Exit 257 West, Turn right
onto Rocky Mountain Ave, at the second roundabout (traffic circle), turn right
onto McWhinney Blvd.  Just before the stop sign, turn right into parking lot
--(you'll see the BOSE store).  Go around the front of the building, and you will
see New Thought Center on the right a few doors down.



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