Society for PSI Research and Education

SPRE is a non-profit organization that brings speakers to town for the benefit of the general public to increase spiritual, health and event awareness specific to the times in which we are living.


The evolution of unity consciousness and the opening of minds, hearts and souls to expanded ideas, paradigms and understandings.  



Present research and education about consciousness and psycho-spiritual perspectives to:

  • Remember who we are  
  • Recover our lost wisdom
  • Liberate our full capacity

Programs Offered

Spiritual Philosophies and Teachings

Healing Modalities and Research Findings

Spiritual, Psychic and Paranormal Phenomena

The greatest calling of a human being is to be a midwife to the soul of another.  - Plato

SPRE Organization
What does PSI mean?

Psi is a Greek letter meaning paranormal. The letter psi is also the root meaning to psychic and psychology, both of which are expressions of the paranormal. The name SPRE reflects its purpose in exploring the science underlying the paranormal and bringing credibility to the study of such events as well as doing the same for natural or holistic healing. Over the years, topics covered range from alternative healing, spirituality, reincarnation, quantum physics, ancient civilizations and more.


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Program Chair

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